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I am moving all of the Buck-184 and Buckmaster information that was on this website to a new website with the hope that I can get more people to participate. Please visit my new:

Buckmaster Knife Forum CLICK HERE!!!

As for the history that used to live on this page, I have transfered the writeup to this thread for now. Please see the thread with the..


I will be moving all of the Buck-184 and Buck-185 materials as well as some other stuff to the new site as soon as I get time...

Please visit

I need to keep this page up for some time while I hope that the other page will get found and remembered by peope that are interested in the Buckmaster and other survival knives that I hope to include there!

Also, I have been asked a hundred times or more if I am selling Buckmaster knives. Please understand these have not been made for years as described in the history link above and the only knives that you will ever find are those that others own and are willing to sell. I normally look at eBAY to find exceptional versions of this knife and following are some that are available at this time!

Quarterbore's Credits

I have gathered a considerable amount of information from the work of others and I wish to thank as many as possible. I wish to give credit to Joe Houser, Buck Collectors Club Administrator, for providing some of the attached documents and helping me with some of the details. I wish to share credit to the various members of,, and eBay where I have collected countless images and details that I have included. I have also received images and information from visitors to this website and I am sure that I have gained information from other sources and I wish to thank anyone for any piece of knowledge, photograph, or other detail as contained now or in the future.

Quarterbore's Postscript

I have received quite a few E-Mails asking me if I am selling any of these knives. I am sorry but I am not selling anything on this website. For those that are interested, I can say that the best place I have found to find these knives is EBAY. Click Here to find a Buck 184 Buckmaster on EBAY!

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