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My Imbel FAL Parts Kit

This parts kit is an Imbel FAL and I bought it a couple years back as the Fn-Fal is just one of those all important weapon systems that so many countries around the world use that I felt I just needed to learn about it.  I believe that the best way to learn about a weapon is to take it apart, look at the parts, and put it back together again so I decided to try my hand at a FAL build as there are so many people that have built these rifles and they all look so great.

I currently have two IMBEL FAL kits as well as a G1 Parts Kit that I am preparing to build. I gave up on trying to track an active project like these on a webpage as I have a new forums on the website that is much easier for me to work with. Please Click Here for more Details about my FAL projects.


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Useful links

I think I found a Mentor website to help with my build!

Fal Files: A place for anything you need to know: 



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