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I still have a pair of Browning 1919a4 parts kit and I am still planning to do a semiauto builds with them. My problem is time and money so I have been trying to master other skills before I start work on the 1919a4 projects. I gave up on trying to track an active project like these on a webpage as I have a new forums on the website that is much easier for me to work with. Please Visit the Forums here! I will be posting relevant info, conversion methods, and drawings as soon as I get a chance!

Browning 1919A4 Page

US Ordinance Browning 1919a4 Mounted on a Bren Tripod

(image above borrowed from:

M1919A4 and M1919A6 parts diagram from TM 9-1005-212-25


Ordering a Parts Kit

U.S. Model 1919A4 Machine Gun Parts Sets


Well, as always the best place to start with a project like this is to get the big pieces first.  I searched the web and I found that Sarco's 1919a4 parts kits are quite popular for bothe their price and quality.  Sarco describes these kits as in the following box.

These kits are perfect for making a dummy gun, a semi-auto A-4, or assembly on one of the many legal sideplates on the market.  A license is not required to buy these kits.  They are spare parts only and are imported under a license issued by the BATF.  Each kit consists of ALL parts for a 1919A4 Browning, U.S. except the right hand sideplate & rivets. Set of receiver rivets available at $35.00/set.  Note: Our rivet sets are complete 38 rivet sets. Our kits are each checked - individually - to determine that all parts are present.  We have the knowledge and the extra parts to assure you that you get a complete kit worthy of your considerable investment.  

Sarco had three options (29 May 2003):

  1. 7.62 NATO (.308) Kit ...$296.50 each

  2. .30-06 Kit reworked from a 7.62mm kit (small quantity available)...$345.00 each

  3. Combination .30-06 and 7.62mm Kit, you can switch the parts back and forth to shoot either caliber...$445.00


Note:  I am including the prices and dates here as I have been SHOCKED by some of the recent price increases in Gun Parts Kits.  I had always wanted top build a Tommy Gun but now that the prices of these have jumped from the $200 mark to over $600 in less than a year I have learned a painful lesson.  This parts guns are starting to disappear and the BATFE is proposing new de-mil requirements for future inports that may cause gun kits that are imported in the future to worthless in the context of building them as legal semiautomatic rifles.  I don't wish to sound like chicken little and perhaps I am incorrect but I will go on the record here with my opinions and you are welcome to come back in a year to see if I was correct or not!

I elected to go with the third option (Combo 30-06 and 7.62 Parts kit) for little other reason then it provides more options for the future if I should wish to shoot 30-06 ammo through her.  When I ordered, I also bought a set of Sarco's rivets for $35.00/set and one extra ".308 excellent new barrel" for $24.95.  Well, the order is placed (29 May 2003) so now the waiting begins!

Putting a few Links & Belts away:

Well, as we all know, a gun is worthless unless you have a way to feed it so I went on a search for some belts and links to use with the 1919a4 when I ever get around to building her.  I searched long and hard for belts and I ended up finding a website that that had Original USGI WWII 250 round Cloth Belts for M1919/A6 or M1917 Water Cooled .30 BMG w/Start Tab for $24.95 each.  I took a chance on these and ordered four.  I will post pictures and descriptions when I get them.

As for links, the best place I found for the Israeli IMI 308 links is Ohio Ordnance Works (OOW) who was selling them for $135/2000.  The IMI links, from my research on the web, are the most popular links for the Browning 1919a4 as these links will work with the 1919a4 regardless if it is shooting 8mm, 7.62 (308), or 30 cal (30-06).  Following is an image of the IMI links as posted on OOW's website.

IMI 7.62 links for Browning 1919a4:  works with 7.62, 30-06 or 8mm

Well, from here I kept searching and I found another website that had 1919 30-06 links for $19.95/1000 and 7.62 starter tabs for $2/ea.  In as much, I now have an additional 1000 30-06 links on the way along with fifteen starter tabs. 

I think that this is likely all the links and tabs that I will need and I will need to wait on the Cloth belts to see if they are adequate and/or if I may need to get a few more for the future...

What's Next?

Well, this is all for now!  I am still looking around for other items that I will need to get.  I also have a Bren Tripod that I just received that I had purchased for my Bren project but many guys use the relatively inexpensive Bren tripod with their 1919a4 so I will work on cleaning up the tripod and include it on my Bren page with a link to if from here when I can.

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