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Feb 28, 2003

After five years of existence for Quarterbore.com, I have performed the first major reorganization of this website.  The previous version of Quarterbore.com was programmed in raw HTML and it had just became too difficult for me to make changes and made for some awkward navigation.  The new webpage design was done in MS FrontPage which will make it easier for me to maintain a cleaner navigation for my visitors and it will be much easier for me to keep the content fresh.

I have also moved the Classic Mustang pages and information off of this website.  I did this as the navigation structure was becoming too complicated and my visitor count for the mustang pages was getting as high as the its for my gun stuff!  This should make my server more responsive without having all of this traffic going through a single domain!  The new Mustang domain is http://www.MustangReview.com!  Please check it out and let me know what you think!

One risk with this change is broken links, please help me correct any broken links as this website undergoes this major rework!


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