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I have been looking for a good domain where I can set up a forum for people to talk about timeshares as well as providing a place for people to get together to buy, sell, or trade a week or even ownership. Well, this past weekend (Apr-9-2005) I finally found a good domain and I grabbed it. Please help me build Timeshare-Holidays.com into a useful resource for everybody that is interested in timeshares!

Timeshare Users Group
Membership Referral

As a member of the Timeshare Users Group, I have the privilege of referring prospective new members. I invite you to check out our group's website in hopes that you will find it as valuable as I did and will join our efforts by becoming a member of TUG. Below is our mission statement and a brieflist of the features available through this group.

The Timeshare User's Group has been formed to provide timeshare owners with an unbiased source of information regarding timeshare resorts. Using member inputs, TUG collects timeshare reviews and ratings on more than 1000 timeshare resorts and provides this data along with area activities, sites to see and places to eat for member use. Additionally, TUG provides a variety of services which enhance the Timeshare users' awareness of the current timeshare industry.

Membership Features available through the TUG website
bulletOnline BBS - all your timeshare questions and answers here
bulletLive Chat Session - chat live with other owners directlythrough our site
bulletTimeshare Resort Reviews - over 1200 resorts reviewedfrom timeshare owners who have been there
bulletTimeshare Resort Rankings - provided by timeshare owners
bulletTop Ten Resorts - List of the Top 10 resorts based on the current TUG ratings
bulletClassified Ads - For Sale, For Rent, Want to Buy and Want to Rent Ads
bulletFree Direct Exchange Database - make your own timesharetrades for FREE
bulletAdvice Section - Helpful Advice about timeshares, buying,selling and exchanging from timeshare experts
bulletDaily Travel & Tourism NewsPage - Daily news storieson Travel and Tourism
bulletRCI & II News Releases - TUG now gets the latest newsreleases directly from RCI & II
bulletHome Owners Association News and Ads
bulletSpecial Timeshare and Travel Business Section - Check out these great specials and offers to our members
bulletMembers Resort Promos - listing of member's resort promo specials
bulletResort Sponsors - Resorts can now set up their own WebPages, include special offers for TUG members.

I invite you to check out the TimeshareUsers Group Website

*Note - Please use my name - Kenneth Westervelt- as your sponsor and referring member when you join TUG (I get a memberreferral bonus when you join, so I would appreciate it if you mention myname).


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