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How do I get my own website?

I am e-mailed on a fairly regular basis by people that ask “How do I make a website” and I am going to take a crack at answering that here. Following are some general suggestions that I hope will help you start a business website or perhaps start a personal website. Following are some basic things you should consider:

Step One: Think of and register a site name

Your site or domain name can be up to 28 characters without the “dot-com” part of the name. Domains are available in many flavors including .com, .net, .org, .biz… and many others. When you pick a name, you want to make the name something that is sort and easy for people to remember and from my experience it is a very good idea to choose a domain name that is related to the content you are going to have on the website. After you think of a name, see if it is available by entering the name with a registration company. I now use GoDaddy exclusively after hving domains registered with all kinds of registrars over the years.

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains

Step Two : Decide what kind of website you want to set up and pick a hosting company

In order to have your own website, you must have room on a specially set up web server where your site will be "hosted". Before you can choose a host you need to decide what you hope to achieve by setting up a website? I can not say enough about just how much I love Host Gator!

I am currently running over 100-websites and all but about 10 of these sites are hosted with Host Gator! What I like about Catalog is that their prices are very good and they allow you to do a great deal with their packages. I am particularly fond of their SQL database and PHP functions that come with their shared hosting plans which is essential for setting up a discussion forums, adding a blog, and other interactive features on a website.

Step Two: Can you build your own website?

How computer-savvy are you, and how much time do you want to spend working on your site? If you look at this site you can tell that the overall looks and bling of the site was not all that important to me at this time as I am always adding new content to the website. A good part of this website has been written in HTML by myself including this page as I am more worried about sharing my thoughts and building good content on my website then I am worried about how a website looks.

With the above said, I also use Microsoft Frontpage for some of the components on this site and I use it exclusively with some of my other websites. MS Frontpage is a very powerful tool that will empower anybody to make an excellent looking website but both and YAHOO as listed above have tools that will allow you to build a website without the need to buy additional programs. After you get your website up, I am confident that you will want to revaluate your decision however and either learn to program in HTML or purchase a program like frontpage!

Step Three: Gather Material

This is the most critical part to making a website. Content and good content is what will bring people to your website. To start a new website the best place to start is with an outline or chart listing the content that you want to include on the site. Think about how you want the website to work and how the various pages will be linked to each other will link to each other. After you have a general concept you can use the tools that come with Catalog or Yahoo to build a basic site or you can use a more powerful tool like Microsoft Frontpage to build a very robust website!

Step Four: Tell the world about your website

If this is a personal website, it's sufficient to send an email to friends and relatives letting them know your URL. If you want to attract customers, more action is requires such as submitting your site to search engines, advertising methods, and strategic link partners may be needed. I will work on a follow-up to this page where I will share some of the ways to improve your site rankings…

While I am starting this page, I also want to add a link to PAYPAL here as with running a business it is important to maintain your business separate from your personal accounts. This is equally important with your payments and sales online. In this context, I would encourage anybody that wants to run a website as a business to sign up for a PAYPAL account in the business name. Click the following banner for more details...

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

I will work on filling this discussion in more as time allows but if you want your own website I really do suggest that you give HostGator a look as they have really helped get my sites moving!


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This site was last updated 05/22/04