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Sell your Stuff on EBAY!

Over the past several years I have developed a keen appreciation for the EBAY Action website and I am a firm believer that there is no better place to buy or sell anything then EBAY.  Over the years I have sold everything from collectable knives, tools, jewelry, timeshares, and even a 1967 Mustang Convertible to a gentleman in Sweden!  I have found that regardless if you have a small collectable item or a large item that only a few people may be interested in purchasing, EBAY will provide you with the exposure you need to sell that item!

Sell your item on eBay!

Some of the biggest advantages with eBay include the following:


Over 10 million active listings all over the world at any one time;


Over 42 million active buyers and sellers give you a huge global market for your item;


Sophisticated and efficient facilities and features to make trading easy;What is eBay?register at eBay?


Fraud Protection for buyers, the world's leading community watch and fraud investigations department makes eBay the safest place to trade.


24hr Dedicated Customer support to help you when you need it. register at eBay?What is eBay?

An introduction to eBay

Nobody has all the answers to selling on eBay. If you perform a thorough survey of eBay instructional material on the internet (which I recommend), you'll find that everyone seems to have their own opinion about what works best. (Another great source of information for the eBay seller is eBay's own Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and users forums which can be of great help to the new seller.) The eBay new user board can be found HERE.

Why sell on eBay? Most people who sell on eBay have full-time jobs. They use eBay to supplement their income, liquidate an estate, cull out items from their collection, or use it in lieu of a yard sale to sell things that they no longer want or need. Becoming even more common are those sellers who purchase new products at wholesale prices and re-sell them on eBay for a profit. You don't have to sell full-time on eBay though. You can sell as many or as few items as you want (as long as you have a supply of low-cost products). It's a great money-making hobby. Keep your day job and sell on eBay in the evenings and on the weekends.

The great thing about eBay is that the more work that you put into selling on eBay, the more money you make. This is very appealing to many sellers. However, selling on eBay, like any other business, can be hard work. A big motivation for those that end up power selling on eBay, is the desire to own a business; to be their own boss. eBay is perfect for starting a small sales business because of the low initial set-up costs - it's low risk.

Registering on eBay - If you do not already have an account with eBay, you'll have to
Register to sell in order to buy or sell on the eBay auction site. For buyers, all that eBay requires is your name, address, e-mail and telephone number. For sellers, you'll also need to provide credit card information. eBay uses a secure system to receive your credit card number, so there is no risk that anyone can intercept your credit card number. If buying on eBay, there will be no charge. If you sell on eBay, your credit card will be automatically charged on a monthly basis for any listing fees and commissions.

 Register at EBAY

register at eBay?

Additional Resources:

The Official Ebay Guide to Buying, Selling and Collecting Just About Anything The Official Ebay Guide to Buying, Selling and Collecting Just About Anything by Laura Fisher Kaiser, et al

HAPPY HUNTING™ ON eBay-  Aunt Fannie's cameo pin collection...the cartoon-character lunch boxes you had in third grade...that cast-iron doorstop you bought for $2 but is really worth $200....Whether you're a busy buyer, an avid seller, or just a fun-loving browser, you'll find countless collectibles like these on eBay, the world's largest person-to-person online trading community.
Now -- in this official primer from the popular Internet site that has revolutionized the collecting world -- the experts at eBay unlock the secrets of successful online buying and selling, for everyone from the enthusiastic beginner to the seasoned pro. Featuring an introduction by Pierre Omidyar, eBay's founder and chairman, and packed with tips and stories from "eBaysians" all over the country, The Official eBay™ Guide is the only authorized book that shows you how to * BUY SMART -- unraveling the mystery of value, bidding to win, and learning how to spot the really good stuff* BE A SAVVY SELLER -- from writing the perfect item listing to collecting payments from your happy customers* LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS -- top eBaysians, Ambassadors, Power Sellers, and eBay employees lend advice and share secrets for success* FIND THE GREAT STUFF -- how to work garage sales, flea markets, tag sales, estate sales, and even the other kind of auction. Packed with invaluable resources, information, and practical tips, The Official eBay™ Guide also features entertaining stories about the millions of people who make up the eBay community. It's your must-have companion for mastering the art of buying and selling an astounding range of collectibles and items, from the practical to the whimsical.

Starting an eBay Business for Dummies by Marsha Collier Starting an eBay Business for Dummies by Marsha Collier

Covers the essentials an eBay user or budding entrepreneur needs to start a money making venture by trading on eBay. Covers the essentials not only of maximizing your profits on eBay, but also how to run a smart business. Covers the enhanced features of eBay including their new Gallery feature designed to help business pull in customers by displaying their goods in individual online boutiques. Series features: Includes the advice on how to maximize eBay profits that has led nearly 125,000 readers to the two previous editions of eBay For Dummies.

eBay for Dummies by Marsha Collier, et al eBay for Dummies by Marsha Collier, et al

This updated guide covers all the basics an eBay beginner needs to know to start using the service and winning auctions. eBay For Dummies, 3rd Edition takes you from registration, through bidding and selling techniques, up to paying online and setting up your own eBay store. Plus, the book also covers the enhanced features of eBay including the new eBay storefronts feature and Billpoint, eBay's online payment service. And you'll find out about new eBay services like, eBay Live Auctions, and wireless eBay. To Sell On eBay: An Instructional Guide by Annette Graf How To Sell On eBay: An Instructional Guide by Annette Graf

Did you ever want to sell on eBay but didn't know how to get started? Are you a seller but would like to learn how to become more successful. How To Sell On eBay is written in an easy to follow format from a top seller on eBay. eBay is the first and most successful online auction that allows you to buy and sell over the Internet. Depending on how knowledgeable you are about computers, the Internet, and getting started, this book will assist with the basics of buying and selling on eBay, as well as what sells and what doesn't. Perhaps, you don't have anything to sell right now, but having heard so much about eBay your are curious and feel in the future, it might be something to check into. If it's the extra cash you are after, or the lure of seeing how much an item will sell for, then eBay is the right place to do this. So come along on this adventure and check out our step-by-step instruction book about eBay!

eBay the Smart Way : Selling, Buying, and Profiting on the Web's #1 Auction Site by Joseph T. Sinclair eBay the Smart Way : Selling, Buying, and Profiting on the Web's #1 Auction Site by Joseph T. Sinclair
Selling Used Books Online: The Complete Guide to Bookselling Online Auctions at eBay, 2nd Edition: Bid with Confidence, Sell with Success by Dennis L. Prince, Dennis L. Price
Getting Started in Internet Auctions Getting Started in Internet Auctions (Getting Started In....) by Alan C. Elliott
Trash to Cash-Episode 2 Trash to Cash-Episode 2-An Online Auction Adventure w/Lynn Dralle (Selling at online auctions like ebay, Yahoo)

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