Quarterbore's Note: I just got to play with a set of these with a coworker and I have already ordered a set for myself. These Remote control Tanks are a great deal of fun as the tanks move like a traditional remote control tank and they have a gun that fires. The big difference is that this tank gives the opposing opporator a fairly good shock when you are sucessful at hitting their tank. The battle tanks come as a set of two remote control battle tanks with control units that have metal grips. The controls serve to deliver the electric shock as punishment for getting shot plus they have speakers which emit battle sound effects which are pretty cool as well. Any direct hit on the tank shocks the driver via the control unit. Indicator lights show when you have been hit, in this game, its five strikes and you are out! As if that is not enough, the tanks have two shock levels test the bravery of the tank operator: setting one gives a shock that a wimpy person will mind while setting two takes a tougher opperator nervous about getting shot. This really is a Two thumbs Up game!!!

Following is the descrption from the seller of these tanks!

Based off the popularity of the Lightning Reaction and Shocking Roulette we are proud to introduce the newest Shockaholic game. The package includes two remote control wireless tanks. The object of the game is simple: Located on the top of each tank are 6 lights. When you start the game they all light up. Each player has the option to pick a high or low voltage. If you choose the lower voltage, you not only will receive a lower shock, but each time you land a hit on your opponents tank you only extinguish 1 of his six lights. If you choose the higher voltage than of course you are a risk taker an receive a larger shock and you are granted a reward. The risk taker will able to extinguish 2 lights out of six for each time you score a hit on your opponents tank. The Tanks are radio controlled and wireless. They move forwards and backwards and run on tracks just the same as an ordinary tank. Each track runs separately via the controller's left and right throttles, thus making the tank have the ability to make sharp turns. There are 2 tanks and 2 controllers per package. Object of the game is to make all 6 lights go out on your opponents tank, thus ending the game. How twisted and fun does this sound?

Not suitable for persons under the age of 14. Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy or any similar or related illness. This is a novelty gift and is not intended to be used as a toy. Emits electrical shock.

Requires 6xAAA and 6xAA Batteries, batteries are included for demonstaration purposes only and the manufacturer cannot guarantee their life expectancy. Batteries may also be ordered online from us as well.

May interfere with electrical devices such as pacemakers. Deal Express LLC (shockingfun) is a seller of this novelty game only and we can assume no responsibility for any damage from its use to life or property. That said, it probably shouldn't be played with in the bath tub.