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AR-15 Receiver Print
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AR-15 Receiver Print

AR-15 Lower Receiver Blueprint

Please Note:  Actual print is white and image above is a photo of a print that does not do the print justice.

The print above is a 24 x 36 inch redraw of a Colt AR-15 Lower Receiver Blueprint dated 2-14-94.  This blueprint is remarkably clear and I have used this print as a reference for several years as  I have a copy mounted in a frame over my work area.  This print has been reviewed and appears to be accurate if someone wanted a copy of a print to finish a 0% or 80% AR-15 forging.

The Cost of this print is a modest $10.00 + S&H.  The price includes me making a copy of the oversized print, buying an appropriate shipping tube, and postage.  I will not fold the print as I do feel these prints are worthy of framing as that is where I keep my original unless I need to make copies for my visitors here.  You can send payment via personal check, bank check or money order with an order form in PDF or MS Word format.

OR Pay $16.00 via PAYPAL (includes $5 S&H & $1 fee)


Lastly, I have received a few e-mails from people outside the United States.  I will ship a poster internationally but I will need to fold the poster to do so as international shipping costs are higher.  The price for international buyers is $18.00 USD.

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