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Welcome to our Web site!

This website started as a small page on another of my websites.  Initially I was looking for information to help me learn how to restore my own 1967 Mustang Convertibles which frankly is still an on-going process!  As I collected more and more links and I started working on gathering images of various Classic Mustangs I started getting a lot of web traffic looking for the same information that I had compiled.  After a while, my other webpage was getting as much traffic to look at the mustang related pages as the other website was getting so it became clear that this information and files deserved it's own domain name!  As such, here it is as MustangReview.com!

About Us and our two Classic Mustangs!

This website is nothing more than a hobby page to share information as I can find it.  MY wife and I are quite fond of Ford Mustangs and the 1967 Mustang Convertible without a doubt is my wife's favorite car.  We actually have a pair of 1967 Mustang Convertibles that we are working to restore.  The first of our two cars, our "project car" is a Red Convertible that was originally a Vintage Burgundy and it has it's original C-code 289 2v with a C4 auto, deluxe hood, and power top. You can take a quick peek at this car at THIS LINK.  This car has belonged to my wife for quite a bit longer than she has known me as she has had it for about 12-years.  When she first bought the car she was running it a fair amount until she moved to Pennsylvania where it wouldn't pass inspection due to poor floor pans.  The car subsequently got placed into storage in a dry barn and waited for foolish me to come into my wife's life to help her restore the car! 

After looking at our project car and the work, time, and expenses that will be involved to get it on the road, we decided to buy a second 1967 Mustang Convertible that was someone else's restoration project. This second car is a Nightmist Blue T-code with a 200 cid I-6 engine, C4 auto, deluxe hood, power top and  power steering. This second car is in great shape with no body rust, perfect cowl, and properly repaired or replaced body and floor metal as well as a fully restored interior. This car requires a new paint job and top which we are hoping to get done as soon as possible. You can take a quick peek at this car at THIS LINK. This second car is registered as an Antique in Pennsylvania and she is already on the road!  She certainly needs new paint and a top but mechanically she is really quite nice!

Now that we have a Classic 1967 Convertible on the road we are still trying to decide what to do with the "project car".  The 289 in the V8 car had an excellent sound and she definitely has some power  but as anybody that has studied the work it takes to restore a mustang knows, this is a long haul process that I am still trying to learn about!

About the Books and Magazines

On this website you will see that I have a few links to Mustang related books and magazines.  I have included these for two reasons.  First, these links help cover the cost associated with this webpage and secondly, these are some great books to have handy to understand the differences in the various years and models.  They also provide a ton of information that would be helpful to restore a Classic Mustang that you may have!


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