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M9 Multipurpose Bayonet System


All of the M9 Bayonet content that used to reside on this website has been moved to:


The new website includes the following sections:

Development of M9
Buck and Phrobis M9s
LanCay M9 Bayonets
Ontario Knife M9s
Manuals and M9 Bayonet References
Directory of M9 websites
Resource to find M9s for sale

There are also FORUMS!!!

General M9 topics forum
Phrobis M9 topics forum
Buck M9 topics forum
LanCay M9 topics forum
Ontario Knife M9 topics forum
Buy-Sell-Trade Forums

I need to keep this page up for some time to help people find the new website. Also, I have been asked a hundred times or more if I am selling M9 Bayonets. While I may sell a knife or two every couple years I am not a dealer at this time. I suggest that the best place to find a M9 Bayonet is on EBAY!

Following is a list of M9 Bayonet auctions that are ending soon on EBAY. Please note it may take a couple seconds to load as the website searches EBAY for you!

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