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Buck-184: The Buckmaster

M9 Bayonet: The Multipurpose Bayonet System

Buck-185: The Buckmaster LW

If you are interested in contributing a page describing a knife, please E-Mail me and I will gladly give full credit as well as a link to your page. I would like to keep this page related to modern military knives but I am open to related topics. I am most interested in finding someone that is interested and knowledgeable about the M7 bayonet! 

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I have received quite a few E-Mails asking me if I am selling any of these knives. I am sorry but I am not selling anything on this website. For those that are interested, I can say that the best place I have found to find these knives is EBAY. You can use the following to search for these knives on EBAY!

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