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"SR-25K: The Preban SR-25 Carbine"

Photo of OddBall's SR-25K above provided by John Carney of Excalibur Arms Inc.
Note John's 'Snoopy' blanket in the background!

Stoke's SR-25K:  #30 of 100




   Dallas's SR-25k: #86 of 100

Photo above provided by Dallas.

Photo above provided by Dallas.

Gene's SR-25k: #90 of 100

Photo above provided by Gene.

Photo above provided by Gene.

Knights Armament Company released a limited run of 100 Pre-Ban SR-25 Rifles in the form of the unique SR-25K. These carbines were made by pulling one hundred pre-ban SR-25s and rebuilding these as the SR-25K. Each of the 100 SR-25K carbines retain their original serial number plus a special indication that the carbine is number X of 100 of the 100 SR-25Ks. Therefore there are only 100 of these unique carbine each marked 1 of 100, 2 of 100, 3 of 100 etc.

There are a few varieties of these carbines which I hope to describe better through the help of those that own these. Some of these differences involve...

bulletcarry handle and flattop versions
bulletfixed, removable, and folding front sights
bulletMedium Length carbon fiber or FF RAS

I am planning to add an SR-25K register page that will list as many of the SR-25Ks as possible that will include some of the differences that exist between these different carbines. A link will be added <> once I get the list started.

Other items that were included with the SR-25K include the obvious collapsing Colt stock that uses a special buffer and spring system that is described later on this page, a Knights Armament 2-stage trigger, and more that I am still working to grasp in a way that I can share here! Following is a copy of a sales document from KAC that provides more details about later versions of this weapon system.

Photo above provided by John Carney of Excalibur Arms Inc.

Details on the CAR Stock, Buffer, and Buffer Springs
Special thanks to Gene for providing these details!

The stock on the SR-25K is a standard Colt collapsing stock. The buffer system used with the SR-25K uses two springs. It is very difficult to get a good measurement on the springs since they flex slightly when you attempt to measure them. The OUTSIDE buffer spring is the thicker of the two and it is also slightly longer. The WIRE thickness of this outer spring is .063" while the outside diameter of the coiled spring is .945" with and makes 32 turns over it's length of 14.75". The INNER BUFFER SPRING is a thinner spring using WIRE that is .046" thick and it is .800 inches in outside diameter and has 36 turns in it's 14.5 inches in length.


Photo above provided by Dallas.

The buffer is not a standard SR-25 buffer and it is made of Nylon or some hard plastic and weighs 1/2 ounce. The buffer is made up of a series of segments as described here...

bulletOVERALL BUFFER LENGTH: 2.448-inches
bulletTip of Buffer: 0.525-inch Diameter, angles down to next section
bullet0.668-inch diameter to 2.038-inches from bottom of buffer
bullet0.689-inch Diameter to 0.531-inches from bottom of buffer (Small spring goes around this)
bullet0.815-inch Diameter to 0.255-inches from bottom of buffer (Large spring goes around this)
bulletBottom of Buffer: 0.986-inches in diameter last 0.128-inches of the buffer

Photo above provided by Dallas.

Drawing above done by using Gene's data, Dallas's Photos and was combined by Will Havens

Comments on the SR-25K's function

From Gene:

I have put about 50 rounds through the gun and it has never misfired or jammed on me. I am reluctant to shoot it too much because of its value. In all honesty I do not really enjoy shooting the damn thing because it kicks like a mule. The gun is just too light for a 308 round! I could be wrong or perhaps just overly influenced by my experiences with the AR-15.

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