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Chuck's 300 Whisper Project

I just got my Whisper built. It has a Hart 1 in 8 twist barrel on a blueprinted Rem 700 receiver bedded in an HS Precision short urban tactical stock, HS detachable mag and trigger guard.  The action and barrel work was done by Pete at Precision Barrel work  The trigger was tuned to a crisp 2-pounds.  The suppressor is a Omega 30 from SWR.

Currently the scope is a Leupold VX3 2.5-10X40 mounted in Badger Ordnance rings and bases.  I plan to upgrade to a 4.5-14X50 longrange tactical.  The PVS/4 night vision scope is mounted by a ARMS Throw lever mount for the PVS/4.

After barrel break in the first group fired measured .472 with factory 220-grain Corbon ammo and it is quieter then a Daisy Red Rider BB gun!  This was shooting off of the tailgate of my truck while standing. After more break in, higher power scope with finer crosshairs, and good bench I am hoping for .25 in.  Please contact me with any questions and feel free to post my pictures and contact info as I am glad to join the whisper club and I would be happy to discuss any Whisper projects.

Chuck Tooke
Chuck's Class 3
Round Rock, TX

Quarterbore's Postscript:  I wish to thank Chuck For taking the time to send the photos and his story for everybody to see.



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