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J.B's 300 Whisper Projects

Top:  SSK 300 Whisper AR-15 Upper

Bottom:  SSK T/C Contender Carbine


Two Barrels, one SSK Silencer



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SSK Silencer after refinishing with Brownell’s Teflon/Moly Oven Cured Gun Finish, Matte Black, #083-048-801

J.B.'s Story,

Nearly two years ago (2001), I started with a T/C Contender with a stock by Virgin Valley Custom Guns a Shillen match stainless barrel by SSK and SSK Silencer. It took nine months to complete the suppressor transfer. The folks at our BATF are not in much of a hurry to complete the paperwork and issue Treasury stamps. Lessons learned; their 120 day deadline starts when they cash our $200 checks. Somehow they couldn’t find my check. So by the time that I was notified of my missing check and was able to send them a replacement check, several extra months were added to their turnaround deadline. Suggestion, if they don’t cash your check within a couple of weeks of sending in your package, then get on the phone with them and start trying to track your package.

A couple of weeks ago (April 2003) I added an AR-Upper in 300 Whisper from SSK to my collection. I purchased the host Colt AR-15 SP-1 new 25 years ago for $200. I upgraded the Colt’s trigger with a Jewel trigger. The trigger assembly was fairly easy to install. It is a fabulous trigger; no creep, very crisp, two-stage trigger. Both stages are independently adjustable for pull weight. Stage one take-up is adjustable, and over-travel is adjustable.

One minor snag, the front pivot pin for my old SP-1 lower has a different diameter than do modern ARs (Large Pivot Lower), and they are not exactly concentric. Luckily DPMS makes an adapter pin for around $5.

Scope is a Leupold LPS 3.5-14x50. Outstanding scope, but it is a bit high powered for realistic subsonic 300 Whisper ranges.  The AR-15 has proven to be more accurate that the Contender. I am achieving consistent subsonic 1/2 MOA accuracy using; Remington 221 Fireball brass, formed with Hornady dies from SSK, Remington 7-1/2 primers, 9.84 grains of H110 and 240 grain Sierra MatchKings. COL is 2.250” to ensure proper cycling in the AR.

The suppressed Contender is very quiet. The suppressed AR is somewhat louder due to the cycling noise. The spring noise in the butt-stock is quite noticeable in suppressed mode. J.D. (SSK) makes a great suppressor, but it is big and very heavy. The AR-15 loaded with a full 30-round magazine and suppressor would be a challenge to carry around in the field for very long.

Note the adjustable gas port on the AR. Also note that J.D. included side ports in the end of the Contender barrel, but not in the end of the AR barrel. I need to call him and ask him about this difference.  The difference could be partially responsible for the noise level difference. It might also be why the AR is more accurate than the Contender.  I just don’t know for sure.

Great Web site! I have studied it from top-to-bottom.

Austin, TX

Quarterbore's Postscript:  I wish to thank J.B. For taking the time to send the photos and his story for everybody to see.  Thanks for the complement on my simple little website!



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