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Tony's 300 Whisper Contender

Tony advises that it took him close to a year to get this contender from the time he ordered it until his ATF Form 4 was approved. The gun is all stainless, but SSK finished it with Black-T by Tony's request as he had this finish on another gun and really liked it. Tony further points out that the receiver is a "flat side" Contender frame with no engraving.

The suppressor is identical to the unit on Dave's SSK 300 Whisper AR-15 upper as shown on my webpage. Tony says that the silencer is a super-heavy-duty unit with two-point mounting. Tony says that Silencer: History and Performance, Vol II has an excellent review of this silencer if anyone wants a second opinion. His only gripe is the weight of the silencer as it is obviously overbuilt for the Contender due to its design to handle full-auto fire. He describes the silencer as massive and weighing 2 lb 7 oz, while the Contender without the silencer is 3 lb 15 oz. So, while the can doesn't really weigh as much as the gun, it seems like it does. Just the same, the total weight is less than 6 1/2 pounds making it a lightweight system, though quite muzzle-heavy!

In the picture above, you can also see a Bushnell Holo-sight and the Burris Compact scope with Warne Maxima quick-detach rings. Tony says that he is not sure if that's the scope he will end up using but he does like the QD rings. He said that he is planning to keep one scope sighted for subsonic loads, and another scope for supersonic, and switch between them as necessary.

Tony says that when he shoots it offhand, he needs to grip the suppressor with his left hand to support the weight. When Tony originally submitted this description (Aug 2002), he had advised that he was planning to have a stock and fore-end made that he hopes will help improve the handling characteristics of this weapon system. Following is a picture of the updates (20 Jan 2003).

On September 7th, I received an E-Mail update from Tony where he describes some of his experiences with his new Contender! You can see Tony's Comments ON THIS PAGE. Tony is currently working to update his page here so please come back to see what Tony has to add!

Tony can be contacted at if you would like additional information. I would like to offer a special thanks to Tony for sharing his exceptional Contender!



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