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Tobe’s 300 Fireball Upper

This is a visitor’s AR-15 built using an Olympic Arms 16 in barrel. Tobe, the owner, tells me that he has never modified the barrel as it came from Olympic Arms. Tobe says he uses the standard carbine gas tube as opposed to the adjustable gas systems that seem to be commonly required. With his upper, Tobe tells me that he gets perfect operation with both a supersonic and subsonic load built up around the 190-gr Sierra HPBT.

The subsonic load Tobe uses involves a 190-gr Sierra HPBT match bullet, 11.0-grains of Accurate Arms 2015 powder ignited by small pistol magnum primer. The supersonic load he uses is a 190 Sierra HPBT match bullet on top of 17.0- grains of Accurate Arms 2015 powder ignited by small pistol magnum primers. Tobe said that the supersonic load produces 1495 to 1510fps from his upper.

Note: Tobe advises that standard small rifle primers are too hot in this load.

The silencer that Tobe uses is a Gem-Tech TPR-S with the quick release Bi-Lock mount. Tobe tells me that this setup has worked very well for him! He says this rifle shoots 0.5-inch 50-yard groups using the subsonic load.

Special thanks to Tobe for sharing his exceptional weapon!

Note: As with any reload, always use caution when trying a new load in your firearm.
Just because a load may be safe in one gun do not assume it will be safe in another.



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