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Notes from JD Jones of SSK Industries

 JD Jones has informed me that Hornady and RCBS have exclusive rights to manufacture 300 Whisper® dies and Thompson Center (Contender) is the only company to have a licensed to manufacture 300 Whisper® barrels. At this point (10/1/99) there are no other approved manufactures of 300 Whisper tools and barrels. If you want an approved 300 Whisper® product contact JD Jones and SSK Industries!

JD Jones also provided the following comments:

Please be advised that dies from SSK take the 221 from 22 to 30 in one pass for complete forming. When a neck goes up in diameter the neck wall gets thinner--not thicker. Shortening 223 and necking to 30 may give the thick neck problem. Redding had ZERO contact with us about this cartridge and it's dimensions. We have also heard that the Counterfeiters (Redding) dies are not correct according to some individuals that have had problems. SSK usually has properly made military 300 Whisper® brass at far cheaper prices that you can make it if you value your time at all.

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